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Free strategy gamesStrategy games represent a unique opportunity for the development of your intellectual thinking. As you know, in a war without a strategy, where, and having built an excellent plan for victory, you guarantee yourself the first place over your enemy. Thanks to the games posted on our site for free and without registration, you can completely improve your skills or master the genre of the strategy in a new way.

Starting to play one of the games, you will become the commander of a ship or battalion and the life of your subordinates depends on you. Having built the right tactics, together with your allies, you can confidently come to victory.

On our site we have placed the best games of strategy of different genres: for boys, for two, military and space. Choose the genre that is most interesting for you and begin preparation. Remember that life depends not only on your people, but sometimes on the whole planet. Do not be treacherous, count each step in advance, and you will certainly get the desired victory.

The first strategy games

It is logical to assume that the first strategies are table games that require intellectual knowledge: chess, checkers, Renju and others. However, there are first game strategies in the classical genre that have changed the whole genre.

Dune II – the world’s first gaming strategy for computers, which for the first time in the world involved a good graphics in symbiosis with music. The creation of such a strategy contributed to the development of this genre, because the game has become very popular.

Homeworld is the first game strategy in the cosmic genre. Moreover, Homeworld is the first computer strategy implemented in three-dimensional graphics, which contributed to more realistic space fights.
Strategies Myth and Ground Control for the first time used terrain feature, and therefore – three-dimensional (3D graphics). In Ground Control, you can also view all game angles from any angle.

Types of computer strategies

Play Free strategy gamesIt is worth noting that a strategic computer game is a game based on planning and strategic thinking. Conventionally, all computer strategies can be divided into two types – genre strategies and typical strategies.
Genre can be divided into strategy games for boys, for two, military, space and others. Thus, this type divides the strategy into genres. Typical strategies are divided in turn into:
Step-by-step strategies.
Real-time strategy.
Strategy online.
Economic simulators.
Global strategy.
Card strategy.

Step-by-step strategies are a special kind of computer strategy in which all actions take place step by step. These strategies appeared before all other species, therefore the number of genres in which it is performed is large. For example, here are some of the first turn-based strategies: Panzer General (1994), Heroes of Might and Magic (1995), Warlords (1989), King’s Bounty (1990).

There are also games where there is only an element of turn-based strategies. For example, quite recently the game Heroes of Might and Magic became popular, in which the element of the turn-based strategy is present on the tactical field. Only here all the actions of the player must go in a certain order. Step-by-step strategies today do not enjoy an abundance of popularity.

New strategy gamesReal-time strategy. These strategies allow players to perform all game actions in real time, that is, simultaneously with other players. This species has several unspoken, but clear rules, for example, the economy is aimed at collecting resources, and all actions are performed by the unit (infantry, tank, man, etc.). The most striking example of a real-time strategy is the game Warcraft created in 1994 by Blizzard Entertainment. The game, known throughout the world, which brought this genre to a completely new level, because after its release, a new peak in the popularity of games in the strategy genre began.
Strategies in the on-line mode. Do not confuse this kind of strategy with the previous one. Yes, indeed, in the games of this genre there is the possibility of access to the Internet, for example, to synchronize the saved game on the server, but all actions occur on your computer NOT in real time. A prime example of this type is Elements of War.

Economic simulators exist when the game lacks a military orientation, and the main goal of the game is to build the economy of a city, town or state. The game is smooth, often, is absent in on-line mode and goes very smoothly and does not require a fast reaction of the player. A vivid representative of such games is “Caesar III” and “Zeus: Master of Olympus”, whose actions develop in ancient times. Your main goal in these games is not to fight, but to build an economy.

Global strategies – this is one of the most popular genres of computer strategies, in which the player must manage the whole state. Thus, playing in global strategies, not only does your economic and military potential in your country depend on you, but also culture, science, diplomacy, etc. This kind of strategy, perhaps, is one of the most interesting and exciting. A striking example of global strategies is “Civilization” and “Master of Orion”.

Strategy games for boys, for two, military and space will allow you not only to enjoy the game, but also to develop their intellectual abilities. Play, fight with enemies, build up your empires and protect them from attacks with us.

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