Free online game Mighty Knight 2

Free online game Mighty Knight 2The world needs your help to fight the devil. Raise your sword and fight for peace in this online game.

Games with cute cartoon graphics are now very popular and attract attention not only to the children’s audience. Especially cool, when behind such a visual image is a real gunman with the appropriate dynamics and tension.

Mighty Knight 2 – funny fighting game, where you have to destroy the enemies, gradually pumping the characters. Initially, you have to hack all with your sword only, but gradually you will be exposed to new attacks, including smart destructive magic.

It’s very easy to start playing, all in the browser, from the main menu, press “Play” and forward. The arrows for movement are specified by the standard letter-shaped crosspiece WASD. The buttons J, K and L are responsible for the attacks.

With each new mission, new monsters will appear on the location, with specific features such as a shot or a furious speed of movement.

As you pass through the levels, you will be able to open characters with unique types of attacks, for example, the barbarian does not differ in speed, but he is powerful and can repeatedly rock the damage directly during the battle. You can switch heroes using the space bar, based on the actual threat on the field.

Super powers are charged for a few seconds.

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An interesting point: when new enemies appear on the map, you get a little help on the number of its lives, attack, speed and special techniques. Thus, it is possible to plan the strategy in advance, which simplifies the rapid destruction of the enemy’s army.

There is a two-player game, this mode is enabled in the settings and the partner’s account is found in the system. In the battles there is a place for tactics, since the trajectories of the movement of monsters are not the most simple, you will necessarily try to surround, having surrounded with blows from all sides. Flash game assumes the existence of the preservation of the progress of the passed levels, but it is required to be authorized through a special account using the system.

Steep Knight 2 is an exciting adventure that is suitable for both a five-minute break at work and a full immersion for long hours.

Free online game about the knights. Hey knight, who got into the Middle Ages, you have to get your armor, sword, shield, prepare a horse from the zagazhnik and go fight with the hordes of villains who attack your castle all the time. At each level, you are waiting for amazing battles in a fairytale style.

New online game Mighty Knight 2You get more and more bonuses for each level passed. These bonuses should be spent in the store for the modernization of their knight, his outfits and the pumping of new opportunities. This fairy-tale game about knights is made one of the best companies in the world, so it will be interesting to play it every day.

We live in an age of client games, for downloading of which (in contrast to flash development) serious communication channels are required. In addition, the client game will require the user to have additional hard disk space, as, as a rule, the entire game engine of the application is installed directly on the hard drive of the computer and takes the lion’s share of free space. Therefore, not every player will have the resources to fully participate in the world of online games. Computer resources may be unacceptable. And in the game of the Fairy Knight, there is no such problem, because the flash version is always available, so enjoy and try to finish all the levels, leaving your knight alive and unharmed!

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