Let’s Hunt – 3D hunting simulator from the creators of Let’s Fish!

Game Let's HuntLet’s Hunt – 3D simulator of hunting from the creators of Let’s Fish with 30 million players! Join a hunting club and appreciate the best game about hunting in the browser! Go to a virtual safari on five continents and travel from the snow-covered taiga of Russia to the immense prairies of Australia. Hunt for wild ducks, deer, buffalo, foxes and predators, including wolves, bears and pumas. Learn to shoot accurately from rifles, shotguns, fittings, block crossbows and bows. Equip weapons with optical sights, silencers and other improvements. Participate in competitions with hundreds of players, feel the taste of excitement and lead the ratings of outstanding hunters! Play online hunting 3D for free in Russian today and become a born-again hunter!

Hunting without Borders

In the game about hunting Let’s Hunt you will open the whole world! You will travel to different continents and will visit Europe, North Africa, Russia, Australia and the USA. On every dozen hunting grounds with new landscapes, weather, weapons and animals, and all this you will see in a full-fledged 3D from the first person! In addition, you are waiting for exotic reserves available only on hunting tickets, which will only get skillful and successful hunters.

Game Modes

In Let’s Hunt, there are four game modes that are different in complexity, reward and gameplay:

Assignments – 20 diverse missions that introduce animals in each of the locations. The fulfillment of tasks opens new lands and weapons;
Trouble – a test of accuracy and speed with the choice of weapons. Here you can practice sniping and develop dexterity. Do you prefer a rifle or a carbine, a large shot or expansive ammo? Choose yourself! Within a minute, hunt for game, boar and other living creatures and try to aim accurately at the weak zones in order to earn maximum points;
Free hunting is a profitable trade where rare specimens of animals are found. You can buy a wolf, fox, bear or other hunting lure to increase the chance of a rare animal. For the achievements in the mode, hunting tickets are issued that open access to exotic locations;
Tournaments and championships are competitions against other players. Hunt for animals, earn points and get fame, game currency and useful gains.

New game Let's Hunt 2017

Hunter’s Instinct

The extracted skins, horns and meat of animals turn into money. They are getting new weapons, sights and improvements. However, money does not buy the skills of an arrow or a tracker. In Let’s Hunt you are not waiting for a simple virtual shooting gallery with targets, but much more! You will learn the habits of animals, look for weak spots for targeted shooting, pick up baits and types of cartridges. When you master the rules of hunting animals, you can easily arrange ambushes, thanks to which the animals themselves will drive into a trap and slam the trap.

But do not relax, because there are around you hundreds of other hunters, who will challenge daily in contests and ratings!

Features of the simulator of hunting Let’s Hunt


Let's Hunt - 3D hunting simulator

Good 3D graphics from the first person;
Advanced physics of shooting and damage;
Spectacular effects of slooming and changing weather conditions;
Five continents and dozens of unique locations;
40 types of firearms and sports weapons;
Improvement and pumping of hunting weapons;
Over 40 unique animals and birds;
World tournaments and daily tests;
Collecting trophies and rating achievements.

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