In games, new knowledge is much easier to assimilate! That is why children’s developing games are a great way to make the learning process of the child fascinating and more effective.

We bring to your attention the site of children’s online games “We are Playing”. Here you will find games for general development of the child, games for attention and memory, logic and thinking, various coloring pages, puzzles, rebuses, riddles, puzzles, and many other interesting tasks.

It’s such a blessing to watch day after day how a beloved child grows. And no doubt all parents want him to be smart and capable. All in your hands. Only you, dear parents, can help the child develop his abilities, to acquaint him with the wonderful world around us.

So do it with the help of the children’s site “Playing”! All presented games are created by our friendly team in cooperation with professional illustrators and child psychologists. Developing games, of course, like you and your child. We tried to create a pleasant, cheerful atmosphere, thanks to which your child will happily play and learn.
You can be sure that our children’s website is absolutely safe for your child. There is no obscene content and aggressive advertising, and you can fearlessly leave your baby alone with the computer.

Remember that our children’s developing online games will help enrich the child’s speech, expand his horizons and prepare well for school! You can learn easily and fun!

P.S. Our children’s site is still very small, and we regularly add new games and sections, we will try to grow and develop together with your baby. Look to us more often!